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Skylight Supply & Installation Skylights are the ideal way to get natural filtered light into the inner rooms of your home or give an internal area some 'conservatory' light
Aesthetic Re-Roof A 'tired' roof will make the best of homes look dowdy and poorly maintained. Re-roof to get the home aesthetics into proportion and immediately increase the value of your home
Roof Renewals Sometimes it is far more economical to replace than to repair. We will give you a straightforward and honest appraisal
Asbestos Removal Services We all know how serious Asbestos is to our health so act now (do NOT attempt to remove asbestos yourself)
Recreational Roofing Projects Garages, carports, permanent gazebos, school play areas and kindergarton recreational zones all need a protective roof - See us first

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Brent Church

Owner - Brisbane Re-Roofing

Servicing Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast and out to Toowoomba

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Brisbane ReRoofing

We Bring Many Years of Experience with us

Brisbane ReRoofing specialise in metal re-roofing and guttering together with hazardous asbestos removal. To ensure you have a lasting job, we use high quality materials such as BlueScope Steel which provides a 'peace of mind' quality assurance backed by the BlueScope Colorbond 25 year Warranty.

Brisbane ReRoofing services the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and out to Toowoomba for residential, commercial, industrial and government clients providing roof restoration, replacement and/or repair. With an honest, straightforward approach and adherence to the highest safety standards, you can rest easy when dealing with us.


Experience is not Expensive

In any industry, if a tradesman has limited experience the task will take longer and have a high chance of producing errors. A slow work pace and the extra time required to fix errors are often charged to the client.

With twenty years of experience, plus a qualified team of four professionals, Brisbane ReRoofing is considered to be among the recommended installers of Lysaght, Colorbond or Fielders. We specialise in metal roofing services such as re-roofing, guttering repairs, asbestos removal, skylight and whirlybird installations. Offering a 25 year Bluescope warranty, this versatile company is fully licensed and insured and believes in keeping prices down so you can Recover Your Investment.